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Tignes operates 400 snowguns dispersed over the entire skiable area: from the top of Double M run to Les Brevieres and Toviere summit. Thanks to their continued operation, you can ski from one mountain to another.
Artificial snow is a complex mixture of water and air. In Tignes, the snow is “man-made”, which is different from artificial snow : man-made snow is a mixture of compressed air and water, which is mixed as it leaves the snow-cannon creating ice crystal upon which a snow-flake form as it falls to the ground : (artificial snow is a pre-determined “fake” snow crystal).
A granule of snow-covered ice forms in the snowgun nozzle before being forced through by pressurized air. To produce artificial snow, weather conditions are paramount:
  • Temperature below -3° C
  • Low humidity
  •  Minimal wind

Where does the water come from ?

Here in Tignes, the water is taken directly from the natural lake at 2100 meters. No chemicals are added.


Snowmaking professionals

Snowmakers are responsiblefor operating and maintaining the snowguns. As of the Christmas holiday period, snowmakers work primarily at night. The snowmakers can therefore take action should a nighttime incident take place. A remote surveillance system enables them to control the production system using an internet connection.


Tignes Snow Grooming Team’s 28 snowcat operators take over the ski runs from closing to opening. Tignes has 15 units of machinery, including  5 pipe-cutting attachments and a snowcat to mold half-pipes and ensure maximal enjoyment for skiers and boarders. Their duties include:

  • Grooming of fresh snow
  • Apartmenttening ofmogul fields
  • Production of artificial snow
5 mechanics maintain the proper working order of the 15 snowcats, eight snowmobiles and various other vehicles used by Tignes Snow Grooming Team.

Ungroomed runs: the Naturides®

Snowcats groom 60% of the skiable area daily (green, blue and red runs). Black runs – such as Naturides® runs – are not consistently groomed to preserve their natural terrain. They develop a layer of powder after snowfall and mogul fields after several days. If you’re an experienced skier, you can take advantage of these less traveled runs, which are marked, secured and patrolled.
Naturides® runs:
·         Tovière area: Pâquerettes, Envers de Campanules and Aster
·         Palet area: Guerlain Chicherit and Golf
·         Aiguille Percée area: Aiguille Percée, Œillet, Epilobes and Silène
·         Grande Motte area: Leisse
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