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During the winter season *, the PC Osiris de Savoie prepares the weekend crossover and gives recommendations in order to avoid the peak of traffic in the Tarentaise valley and in the greater Chambéry area. A weather report is also given to better prepare your trip.


* during the height of the season (Christmas - end of March)




Col de l'Iseran OPEN
Col du Petit Saint Bernard OPEN



The Petit Saint Bernard and Iseran passes are closed for the winter season. Be wary of the itinerary advised by your GPS!

Before taking the road, follow these pieces of advice.


Advice n°1


I always have snowchains in my car "just in case"


Snow doesn't fall on the pistes only, unfortunately. The sun may be shining on your arrival, but it might be snowing when you leave the resort. Therefore, don't forget your snow chains, and make sure they are easy to access. Try to use them beforehand and stop on the snow chains areas only to make sure you do not interfere with the traffic. Don't forget to check the Tignes snow report to know the weather conditions.


Depending on the weather conditions:


> Special equipment is compulsory:
This means that you must have snow tires or snow chains.

> Snow chains are compulsory:
No choice: only snow chains will help you get to Tignes or leave the resort. It is the only equipment that will be allowed by the police to avoid the slow down of traffic.





Advice n°2

I look for information before or while on the road


> Do you have a smartphone? Then log on these websites to get information:

- Tignes Facebook page

- Tignes Twitter
- PC Osiris

> Don't you have a smartphone? Listen to the local radio stations (in French)

- R'Tignes (88.2 et 92.2) et R'Les Arcs (up and down the road to Tignes)
- France Bleu Pays de Savoie
- Radio Autoroute 107.7


Advice n°3

I check out the webcams to see what the traffic is like


> Tignes 1800 Webcam
>  A43 Highway Webcams



Advice n°4

I adjust my travel in case of bad weather


Have you heard the the traffic would be difficult when you have planned to travel? Whenever possible, follow the recommandations and try not to drive when the traffic is heavy or in case of heavy snow falls.


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