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On this page you'll find all the information you need to make your family holiday in our beautiful resort a success.


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Details by neighborhood


Tignes le Lac

  • Baby change : tourist office (Maison de Tignes) & hors sac room of Tovière
  • Toilets : tourist office (Maison de Tignes), hors sac room of Tovière, Tignespace, Lagon
  • Hors sac room of Tovière : at the foot of Tovière gondola
  • Pharmacy : rue de la poste


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Tignes Val Claret

  • Baby change : tourist office (Maison de Tignes)
  • Toilets : tourist office (Maison de Tignes), Grande Motte bus stop
  • Pharmacy : Platières department store


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Tignes les Brévières

  • Baby change : hors sac room of Brévières
  • Toilets : hors sac room of Brévières
  • Hors sac room of Brévières : at the foot of Brévières gondola


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Organizing with your children


Child care

Before you arrive, it's a good idea to think ahead about childcare arrangements. Many of the resort's accommodation providers offer childcare as part of their services : see the list of accommodation providers offering childcare.


You can also call on professionals who can take care of your children : see the list of professionals who can take care of your children.

A more comprehensive list of babysitters is also available on request from the Maisons de Tignes : 04 79 40 04 40 //



Clubs / school

For snow sports lessons, remember to register your children before you arrive : see snow sports providers and schools

Some snow sports schools allow you to book lunch : renseignez-vous auprès des prestataires.


Finally, in summer only, you have two additional options :



Childcare equipment

Forgotten or simply need childcare equipment for your child? Some of the resort's operators offer equipment rental : see the list of equipment rental companies

Modes of transport


There are several ways to get to Tignes, which you can find here : come to Tignes


Our service provider Snow Taxi has been awarded the "Famille Plus" label and can meet your mobility needs, for example for a trip to Tignes from the Bourg Saint Maurice train station.

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