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State-of-the-art infrastructures in an exceptional setting: welcome to Tignespace, an indoor sports and conference centre that opened in 2013 at 2100m at the heart of the Alps! Ideally located at the centre of the ski resort, close to the aqua centre Le Lagon, Tignespace boasts a 3500m² dedicated sports zone and 1500m² of space for corporate events.


Jean Galfione*, Tignespace ambassador

"The appeal of this complex is undeniable: high-quality facilities, truly dedicated to high-level athletes, the capacity to accommodate almost all sports, its proximity to Le Lagon, an ideal place for the recovery phase… There is no equivalent in Europe at this altitude (2100m)! Tignespace is impressive and inspiring: the sports area is gigantic, the workspaces are well thought-out and the whole space has a welcoming feel. Basically, it was created so that sportsmen and women would feel good here and want to push themselves."

As Jean Galfione, sportsmen and women Edgar Grospiron, Sonia Bompastor, Fabien Galthié, Thierry Lincou, Jerôme Fernandez, Brahim Asloum, Robert Duverne and the actor Patrick Timsit can all attest, Tignespace is the most innovative sports and conference centre in the Alps!

*Olympic Pole-vaulting Champion at the Atlanta Games in 1996, Pole-vaulting World Champion in 1999, 36 caps for the French National team






1600m² dedicated to team & individual sports:



One hall, 6 sports, 10 configurations


  • Technical information


    Total surface area: 1600m², i.e. 24 x 67

  • Tarkett Sports specialist flooring
  • Group and individual changing rooms
  • Equipment at your disposal: balls, rackets, bibs, nets, educational equipment...



Rackets:  Squash, badminton, tennis


Work on your precision:

  • 3 BADMINTON courts (in the team sports hall)
  • 2 TENNIS courts (in the team sports hall)
  • 3 SQUASH courts
  • PING PONG tables



Technical information

  • Officially recognized SQUASH courts
  • Tarkett Sports specialist flooring (for the tennis courts)
  • Group and individual changing rooms
  • Equipment at your disposal: rackets, special indoor sports shoes with a white sole.




Athletics zone


Time to break records



900 m² dedicated to athletics:

  • 80m-long track (sprint and hurdles)
  • Pole-vault
  • Long jump and triple jump
  • High jump


One zone, 5 lanes, 6 sports

  • Athletics track with  with 5 lanes for sprint and hurdles
  • Pole-vault landing pit
  • Long jump and triple jump sand pit
  • High jump pit


Technical information

  • Total surface area: 900m²
  • FieldTurf Tarkett artificial floor
  • Total length of the athletics track: 94m
  • Ceiling height for pole vault: 8m
  • Long jump and triple jump pit: 10m
  • Equipment at your disposal: hurdles, starting blocks, pits, educational equipment
  • Right next to the weights room.



Weight room

Optimise your athletes' physical condition!



A 115m² weights room equipped for physical preparation and free weights training:

  • 2 weightlifting areas
  • 2 squat racks
  • Adjustable pulley
  •  Incline bench press
  • Hamstring machine
  • Flat bench presses etc.





A climbing wall which is officially recognized by the FFME (French Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing) to:


  • Organize national competitions
  • Improve your climbing skills
  • Improve relations between your co-workers.


Go beyond your limits!


Trainning wall: ideal warm-up area

  • 9 metres long
  • 5 metres high

Introduction wall:

  • 15 belay stations
  • 15 metres long
  • 7 metres high

High level:

  • 55 belay stations
  • 34 metres long
  • 16 metres high
  • Optional grade 8 routes
  • 6 and 8-metre-high overhangs


Technical information

  • Wall recognized by the FFME ( French Federation for Mountain sports and Climbing)
  • « Mosaïk » wall, by Entre’prises
  • A total of 42-meter long
  • A total of 55 belay stations



Satisfy your sports cravings!



Additional rooms for sports lovers:

  • Two multi-sports rooms:
  • Judo
    Fencing etc.


Technical information

  • Total surface area of the multi-sports rooms: 84m² and 80m², with a ceiling height of 3.2m
  • Equipment at your disposal: tatami mats, educational equipment
  • Pre-equipped with sound and video
  • Dance barre in the 84m² room
  • Variable lighting (100% to 50%)





Mini ramp

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