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Team sports

Team sport

A winning attitude

Team spirit is a value that everyone in Tignes shares, starting with the elite athletes who come to participate in training camp.
There’s nothing like a challenge among friends to foster team spirit. Whatever the playing field, respect and the will to excel take precedence. Football, rugby, volleyball, basketball and their beach versions (beach football, etc.) await you at the Sports Beach and the Faugère Athletic Centre.


The high altitude will require additional effort on your part… unless your technique can work miracles!


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19/06 - 05/09/2021: 09:00 - 19:00.



Sports beach (Tignes le Lac - Tovière's picnic room) :

Beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach rugby, football, multi-sports field etc. More info.

Faugère Athletic Centre (Tignes Val Claret) :

Football, rugby, on natural pitch . More info.



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