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Where can I find a point of sale for the My Tignes card?

You will find My Tignes points of sale in each village and on the following activity sites:



Is the My Tignes card compulsory to do an activity ?

You can buy an entry individually for each activity. My Tignes card is not compulsory to access activities.



Which card one of the cards should I choose ?

There are several card formulas. Each with a validity period and a number of activities : 


The days of validity are consecutive, starting from the 1st day of use.

You can choose a card corresponding to the length of your stay, or choose another formula that fits more to your wishes or needs (for example, you can buy a 7-day card for a two-week stay).



When can I start using my card ?

The card will be ready to use from the activation date chosen when ordering it.



What activation date should I choose for my card?

The activation date must correspond to the desired first day of activity. If you arrive in the resort during the day on Saturday, we recommend activating from Sunday, so as not to lose a day.



My host does not offer the MyTignes card, how do I get it?





All requests for reimbursement must be made online and must be accompanied by proof of payment. Refunds will be calculated pro rata to the number of activities consumed (unit price taken into account).


> I would like to request a refund



How do I know if my host offers the My Tignes card ?




I lost my card, what should I do ?

Go to one of our My Tignes points of sale and we will give you a new card, free of charge.



My card no longer works, what to do ?

Visit one of our MyTignes points of sale, where our teams can assist you,


Reach us by phone at the MyTignes Hotline at +33 (0)4 79 40 29 92 (Open every day from 9.00 am to 12.00 am and 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm)



Where do I need to log in to access my personal account, to create or modify its information ?




How do I create or connect to my personal My Tignes account?

If you already have a MyTignes personal account, connect directly with your usual identifiers. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot password".

If you do not have a MyTignes personal account yet, follow the instructions indicated in the order confirmation e-mail you received : either after a purchase on the online store, or after your host has ordered the cards to us.



I am having difficulties creating or modifying my personal account, how can I get help ?




What is a Main Contact ?

The main contact is the owner and manager of the personal account.

It is mandatory to enter a Main Contact in the "Personal Data" section, reachable from the menu of your personal account.

Otherwise, you will not be able to activate nor use the cards.



What is an Associated Contact ?

These should be all other members of the same tribe or family, other than the Main Contact.

The Associated Contacts and their cards are managed from the personal space of the Main Contact. 

The management of all the cards of the same tribe or family is therefore done from a single personal account : that of the Main Contact.



I have filled in all information for my tribe or family members, but I cannot activate my cards. Why?

The Main Contact must not appear as a duplicate in the list of associated contacts, otherwise the card linked to it cannot be activated.

It is mandatory to enter information of the Main Contact in the "Personal Data" section, which you can reach from the menu of your personal account. If this Main Contact section is empty, no other member of the tribe or family - Associated Contacts - will be able to activate or manage their cards.



I forgot my password, what should I do?

From the personal account connection window, enter your e-mail address and click on the “Forgot password” button.



I logged in my personal account, but I do not see the any information about my card or my order. Why ?

Have you created your personal space with the same e-mail address as the one used during your purchase or to you host ?

If this is not the case, your cards will not be visible and you will not be able to activate them or book activities.
Contact the Hotline by phone for assistance from a member of the team on +33 (0)4 79 09 29 92, or reach one of our My Tignes points of sale.



How do I delete my personal account ?

To request the deletion of your MyTignes personal account, please send an e-mail to



I activated my card but I cannot book activities for the whole week, why?

Reservations are open only 48 hours in advance, in order to avoid that all the activities are complete from the first days of the stay and that everyone has the chance to enjoy them.



I bought my card but I cannot book an activity. Why ?

Is your card properly activated ? If it is not, follow the instructions detailed in the section “How do I activate my card ?”.

If it is active but you are unable to book an activity : either the chosen time slot is more than 48 hours away, or the chosen time slot is full.



There are no more places available at the time I want on my activity, what can I do ?

During busy periods, certain activities are in high demand.

Due to the equipment available, the supervision and the maintenance of security conditions, the number of places available per time slot is strictly limited.

Some time slots are more popular than others, so do not hesitate to search for times for which there are places available.



How do I cancel a reservation ?

You can cancel a reservation up to 4 hours before the start time of your activity. After this time, it is no longer possible to cancel and the token is lost.



Is the equipment included in the price of the activity ?

The equipment is included with the price of the activity.

EXCEPT for Tennis and Badminton : rackets and balls or shuttlecocks are available for hire directly on site (Plage des Sports or Tignespace).



What are the opening hours of activities ? And how long do they last ?

From the mobile application or the “Activities” web page, report to all the terms and conditions of each activity by clicking on the one that you need to know more about. All useful information will be listed there.



I have booked an outdoor activity, what happens in case of bad weather ?

If the weather conditions allow it (at the discretion of the site managers who are on site) the activity is likely to be maintained.

The activity will be closed by decision of the site managers, only if the practice is made impossible or dangerous. In this case, the tokens will automatically be returned to your card and can be used again.



I have made a reservation but can't no longer get to my activity, what should I do ?

If you cannot go to an activity for which you have made a slot reservation, and if you have not made a cancellation request within the possible deadlines (maximum 4 hours before), the tokens are lost.



How can I move between the different activity sites ?

> A first circuit between Tignes le Lac, Le Lavachet and Val Claret. 

> A second circuit between Tignes 1800 and Tignes le Lac.



Are the places available for each activity limited ?

Due to equipment availability and number of supervisors, for practical comfort and safety reasons, the number of places is limited for each activity slots.



I have not used all the activities tokens on my card, can I postpone them to another week or transfer them to another user?

My Tignes card is nominative and non-transferable. Any token not used before the end of the validity of the card cannot be carried over, exchanged or refunded.

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