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Among the things to do in the alps during summer, hiking in the Alps is good for the body and the mind. Alone or supervised by professionals, in Tignes, you will discover many hiking trails adapted to your level and physical condition.


Once you have chosen your route, put on the right shoes and have the right equipment, you are ready for a beautiful hike in the Alps. And what a hike! Here, the breathtaking Vanoise massif; there, the Balmes glacier; in the distance, the limpid expanses of our mountain lakes...


In Tignes, you can enjoy an exceptional setting in the heart of a renowned national park. Your hike in the Vanoise is punctuated with surprises and beautiful discoveries in the heart of a preserved nature, where the flora and fauna evolve in complete peace.



Go hiking at altitude

Take one of our ski lifts up to the top of the mountains for walks and hikes.


Times of lifts open to pedestrians


TOVIÈRE(1) / PALAFOUR(2)(3) / TUFS(2)(3) / FRESSE(2)(3)


  • From 29/06 to 05/07 : 09:45 - 16:45
  • From 06/07 to 23/08 : 09:30 - 16:45
  • From 24/08 to 01/09 : 09:45 - 16:45


ATTENTION : The last ascent of the Tovière Télécabine is at 16:00 and the last descent at 16:30.


(1)Not recommended for children under 2 years of age (baby carrier compulsory)

(2)Prohibited for children under 1.10m tall

(3)Ascent only




Access conditions to the lifts








  • Adult (14 - 64 yo) : 19,00€
  • Children (5 - 13 yo) / Senior (65 - 74 yo) / disabled : 19,00€
  • Baby (-5 yo) / Vermeil (+75 yo) : FREE ticket to be collected from My Tignes sales point



  • Adult (14 - 64 yo) : 9,00€
  • Children (5 - 13 yo) / Senior (65 - 74 yo) / disabled : 5,00€
  • Baby (-5 yo) / Vermeil (+75 yo) : FREE ticket to be collected from My Tignes sales point




My Tignes Card

With the My Tignes Card, you have access to a multitude of activities during your stay, including unllimited (and regulated) access to the lifts : Tovière, Palafour, Tufs, Fresse and Funicular.



> All about the My Tignes Card

> The guide of the walks in Tignes

> Enjoy Tignes in summer with your dog




Funicular snow drill : Access to the Grande Motte Glacier

Access to the Grande Motte Glacier is also available to pedestrians via the funicular and cable car. This is your chance to discover a breathtaking panorama of the Vanoise peaks.

Note, however, that the ascent to the Glacier de la Grande Motte is for contemplative purposes only; no hikes are accessible from the funicular's arrival point.

Please also note that although the Funicular is included in the My Tignes pass (except for the day pass), the Altitude Experiences... activity must be purchased separately directly from the STGM ticket office at the Funicular departure point.


> Prices and timetables for access to the Grande Motte Glacier




The right things to do when faced with a herd protection dog (also called a “patou”)

The probability of finding yourself faced with a herd guarded by a guard dog during your hike on the trails of Tignes is quite low. Nevertheless, it is always useful to review the good reflexes to have so that this meeting takes place as calmly as possible, for you as for the dog.

A herd protection dog is constantly on alert to ensure the safety of the sheep he is watching and to facilitate the work of the shepherd in the mountain pastures. At the approach of a potential predator, it barks to make it move away, without distinguishing between a real threat and a simple hiker. It is up to you to adopt a reassuring behaviour:

  • Slow down and signal your presence (for example by speaking loudly or whistling)
  • Walk around the herd as widely as possible
  • If the dog approaches you: stand still in front of it, without ever looking at it in the eye, leaving your arms and sticks along your body so as not to appear threatening
  • Help the dog to recognize you as a human (take off your cap, your raincoat etc.), and talk to it in a calm tone, gently, but without trying to pet him
  • Once the dog has calmed down, continue your way slowly, always facing it
  • Does the dog stay tense? You don't feel reassured? Do not hesitate to put a bag or a piece of clothing between you and the dog and step back slowly for a few meters (still facing it and without looking at it in the eye) before turning around





No need for an IGN map to discover these little treasures of the Tignes area!


Se balader à Tignes en été - 3 personnes se rafraichissant au bord d'un point d'eau




For an easy family walk, follow the botanical path from Le Lavachet, and reach the Gouille du Salin (Caribbean colored ice water resurgence... directly from the glacier!), then go down to the "voile de la mariée" waterfall.




Lovers of old stones will enjoy discovering the authentic chalets of the villages on the eastern shore of the lake of Chevril and Isère:

  • Villaret du Nial
  • Franchet
  • Villaret des Brévières
  • Or the ruins of the chalets of the Saut in the Grande Sassière Nature Reserve




Throughout the summer, the rangers of the Vanoise National Park come to meet nature lovers during thematic hikes and scientific activities. // consult the program of activities // 




After the effort (of the hike), the comfort!

More original than a simple detour to the bakery, savor a blueberry pie or other sweet treat at a
refuge* (and take the opportunity to talk about food with the guards).




What if you spent the night in the mountains?

The refuges* are not reserved for mountaineers and hikers (even if the experience is more exciting!). Book your night, and discover the friendly and timeless atmosphere of the refuges of Palet (1h30 by the GR5), Leisse (3h by the GR55) or Martin (2h from les Brévières). Their guardians are a mine of information and anecdotes!


*Make sure before you leave that the refuge you want to join is open





Vue sur Tignes, le Glacier de la Grande Motte et la Grande Casse


To be discovered from the orientation tables of Tovière, from the arrival of the cable car of Grande Motte, or from the Aiguille Percée for the good walkers.



#1 - GRANDE MOTTE (3656M)

Jewel of the winter ski area and privileged training ground for high level skiers every autumn, to discover from the cable car roof terrace in summer!



#2 - GRANDE CASSE (3855M)

The highest summit of the Vanoise massif, first climbed in 1860.




On the border between France and Italy, accessible in summer to experienced hikers without mountaineering equipment.



#4 - MONT-BLANC (4809M)

Highest point of the Alps, highest summit in Western Europe: a myth for mountaineers!






Randonnée dans le parc naturel de la vanoise au départ de Tignes


Discover the summer trail guide and its 25 hikes for everyone: low altitude changes and walking times adapted to family walks, more challenging trails for sportsmen, breathtaking landscapes...

> On sale in the Maisons de Tignes (12 €)


Download the information sheet for the Bois de la Laye trail, ideal for family outings

Download the Aiguille Percée file, and enjoy the splendid panorama

Download the sheet of Nazonde, and discover the wildest sector of Tignes



Also enjoy the pleasure of discovering the mountain, supervised by a professional and passionate guide.


In group :

Day price from 29€/pers.

1/2 day price from 18€/pers.


Private engagement :

Day price from 210€.

1/2 day price from 120€




Full of nature


Promenade en été en pleine nature à Tignes


You are in a national nature reserve, on the outskirts of the Vanoise National Park. Thanks to the reserve, it has been possible to protect the fauna and flora, and in particular, to prohibit hunting on the main migration corridor of the ibex. The day or half-day walks take place in the company of a guard-monitor. With him, you will discover the diversity of the Park and the different aspects of his job.


> More info:



There are lift passes specially designed for pedestrians! Take the funicular and make a first stop on the Panoramic terrace before taking the cable car to enjoy the view of the surrounding summits and mythical massifs: the Mont Pourri, the Grande Sassière crests, the Grande Casse (highest point of the Vanoise: 3,856 m) or the masterly chain of the Mont Blanc on the horizon. You will find 3 orientation tables on your route.

Be careful, you are in a glacial zone. To make the most of the Grande Motte glacier, hire a mountain guide!


> More info:








Hike for several days, and prepare your itinerary

Discover the "National Park Spirit" label




Your mountain specialists, who take you on all types of terrain: snow, glaciers, cliffs, trails or torrents. Winter: off-piste skiing, ski touring, heliskiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, nordic hiking. Summer: Ice walking, mountaineering, climbing, via ferrata, via cordata, canyoning, hiking, multi - activity, trips.

Open in winter : From 25/11/2023 to 05/05/2024

Open in summer : From 22/06/2024 to 01/09/2024

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Le Nevada Val Claret Centre
Tel : +33 6 95 86 85 75


Evolution 2 has become one of the most respected ski and adventure schools in the French Alps. We believe in learning in small groups, with specialist instructors, and an emphasis on progression and fun!

Open in winter : From 25/11/2023 to 05/05/2024

Open in summer : From 15/06/2024 to 01/09/2024

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Promenade de Tovière Semper Vivens
Tel : +33 4 85 58 08 50


Snowshoeing by night ? An unexpective and unforgotable experience... I will lead you to discover Tignes by night with a hot wine reward and a degustation of local cheese ! Every wednesdays and thursdays evening.

Open all year

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373 av des Neiges bâtiment les Lanches A app 4 Appartement 4
Tel : +33 6 36 13 36 41


+ 25 activities : summer: Paragliding - Rating, Meals around a campfire - Hydrospeed, canyoning, mountain biking and supervised downhill biking, kayaking, Via Ferrata, mountaineering, climbing and hiking . Book simply by phone with your credit card, in advance or during your stay for individuals, families. Groups in seminars and team building. 30 years of experience Winter : Igloo village, snowshoeing and ski touring, Bobsleigh with transfers, off-piste skiing, snowmobile, Bun j Ride, horse drawn sledging, horse or pony riding, paragliding, helicopter flights/

Open in winter : From 25/11/2023 to 05/05/2024

Open in summer : From 22/06/2024 to 07/09/2024

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Chemin des Boisses
Tel : +33 6 35 49 08 45


Mountain Experiences – the outdoor adventure school by ESF Come visit our Tignes Le Lac office to discover the all the mountain activities we offer in the summer. Supervised by nationally-qualified instructors and mountain guides, we offer : Climbing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, hiking, via ferrata, canyoning… Get ready an unforgettable experience!

Open in winter : From 04/12/2023 to 05/05/2024

Close in summer

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Immeuble le Palafour
Tel : +33 4 79 06 30 28


Evolution 2 has become one of the most respected ski and adventure schools in the French Alps. We believe in learning in small groups, with specialist instructors, and an emphasis on progression and fun!

Open in winter : From 25/11/2023 to 05/05/2024

Close in summer

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Immeuble le Sefcotel
Tel : +33 4 85 58 08 50
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