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FizzUp to prepare you for your stay

To make the most of your stay in Tignes and ensure you enjoy hiking, skiing, cycling or simply swimming, you need to prepare yourself physically.

Your FizzUp coach explains why associating FizzUp with your stay is a winning solution.


Find all the FizzUp sports programmes dedicated to the physical preparation of your favourite upcoming activity.


If you have been running behind your favourite ball since you were a child or if you have been fighting with the same kimono for years, your body and muscles have memorised your key sporting movements.


This memorization creates a routine that links your brain and muscles, a motor learning that is essential to perfect your technique. In short, if you want to excel, you need to know your movements perfectly and make them relevant to your activity (this is the principle of specificity).


For example, it is important to practice the football pass or golf swing and repeat them thousands of times to perfection in order to optimise these movements.


Researchers at the University of Oslo have found that muscles have a memory called muscle memory.


In effect, your muscles keep track of your past efforts. This is also why, even after a period of downtime, your DNA and muscles will regain their ability to perform your favourite exercises without much difficulty.


However, once you have mastered your movements, you will quickly reach a plateau that will slow down your progress. Your body then needs variety to fully develop your abilities and continue to progress.


Combining Fizzup with your sport routine allows you to acquire new or improved physical abilities through a new and more suitable stimulus and will touch the whole spectrum of sport required for your activity.

If you practice a sliding sport or swimming, it may be very interesting at some point in your preparation to work on your absolute strength or explosiveness independently (e.g. weight training). Qualities that are very difficult to work on in a more general sport activity.


This is why FizzUp offers programmes adapted to your sport. They are specific and adapted to the qualities required for your activities in order to vary the pleasures and help you progress:




Winter sports are not limited to downhill skiing or snowboarding. None of these sports require the same muscles, but they do share several physical abilities and qualities that it is important to develop in order to get the most out of them.


Your cardiovascular capacities: winter sports are generally practised at altitude and in a cold environment. These two factors mean that your metabolism is put under greater strain. Your heart works harder to make up for the lack of oxygen and at the same time your body consumes more energy to activate your thermoregulatory system which aims to warm you up. So if your heart is not strong enough and your body is not prepared for the cold, you will soon run out of energy and oxygen. You will have to stop your effort and will therefore not get the most out of your sporting experience.


Your muscular endurance: in snowboarding, maintaining a flexed position, linking turns and absorbing shocks require a good muscular endurance. This is the case for almost all winter sports, except perhaps curling. Without this ability to maintain a prolonged muscular effort, you will quickly feel pain in your lower limbs and your thighs will be on fire.


Your sheathing: whether in cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing or even ice hockey, it is essential to have a good sheathing either to maintain a prolonged position or to absorb shocks with a minimum of risk. To be at your best on the slopes, it is therefore important to strengthen your abdominal and lumbar muscles.


Your agility: winter sports or sliding sports also require good balance and coordination to avoid falling if you do not want to find yourself too often with your nose in the snow.


FizzUp offers two programmes adapted to your winter sports to prepare you in the best possible way:


100% personalized, you will be ready.




To be at your best on the slopes of Tignes or on the mountain bike courses and to have more fun while limiting the risk of injury, it is important to prepare yourself in advance.


The best way to improve your physical abilities is to practice regular physical activity as part of a complete strengthening programme, which involves your whole body and athletic qualities.


Strength, explosiveness, coordination, agility, cardio... all the qualities that are essential to your progress in your sport are worked on with your FizzUp special sports activities programmes. Offer yourself a plan according to you and your activities to succeed thoroughly.


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