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Behind the scenes of the Tovière slope’s official approval

Behind the scenes of the Tovière slope’s official approval

Have you noticed the huge red nets stretching down the Trolles slope in the Tovière sector? This was just part of the work carried out in the summer of 2017 in the aim of obtaining the approval required for the organisation of Alpine skiing races. The work was supervised by Fabrice Maleville, Sports Manager at Tignes Développement, who takes us behind the scenes of this latest upgrade...

Tignes, 30 January 2018


A project launched... in 2003!


That year, work was undertaken in the Tovière sector to develop a network of snow-making installations. This slope is an interesting one and provides a spectacular finish line at the heart of the resort: so, while the work was being done, the resort seized the chance to equip the Trolles slope with a timing system in order to meet requirements for the hosting of technical Alpine skiing races. An application for the slope to be officially approved for technical Alpine skiing races (Slalom and Giant Slalom) was filed with the FIS.



You already know the rest of the story: Tignes jumped at the chance to become the reference venue in freestyle, a discipline that the resort has been especially fond of since the 1992 Olympics when it hosted the ski ballet, ski jump and mogul skiing events. The first event to take place here was Tignes Airwaves (5 times), followed by X Games Tignes (on 4 occasions). The Tovière Alpine ski racing project was temporarily put on hold... only to be relaunched in 2016 thanks to strong support from the municipality.



5 months of works ensued!


The resort followed the recommendations of the International Skiing Federation (FIS) in order to comply with the safety and logistical standards of any international Alpine skiing race.



Hence, in the summer of 2017:

  • A 1.5 km cable for the new timing system, as well as fibre optic cable, were pulled through the underground sheath that had been installed during the initial work in 2003.
  • Twelve steel brackets, each of 12 metres in height and 350 kg in weight, were transported by helicopter and installed along the slope to allow the assembly of 250 metres of safety A-nets, all under FIS supervision.
  • Five specific anchor points were installed in addition to the 3 existing ones to allow for optimum slope maintenance by snow-groomer winches.
  • A power supply was also installed at the Slalom and Giant Slalom start lines and at the bottom of the Trolles slope.



Officially approved for 10 years

Following this work, an application for official recognition (with topographic surveys, technical characteristics of nets, etc.) was sent to the International Skiing Federation. The FIS and the FFS came to inspect the slope several times before finally validating it as an official slope for a period of 10 years (compared with 5 years for speed-skiing slopes).



Let the show begin!


Tignes already boasted several approved speed-skiing and technical slopes (on the glacier and at the Lognan arena). But with the Tovière slope, the resort provides Alpine skiing fans with an even more spectacular setting. Its ideal layout, with a 450 m elevation drop and a magnificent centre-resort finish line, is the guarantee of great sporting moments during the men’s and women’s slalom and giant slalom!
So come along on 31 January and 1 February 2019 for the first two big events: the Women’s Giant Slalom European Cup and the Men’s and Women’s Parallel Slalom European Cup.




Trolles... injected?

Yes, this is the fear of unconditional fans of this key black slope that allows skiers to slide all the way down to Tignes le Lac.
But not to worry: the slope will only need water-injection for races of European Cup level and above. It should not require injecting for more “classic” FIS-level races (except under exceptional conditions). Enjoy your skiing!




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