Xavier Bertoni

- 4th at the World Cup in Copper, 2012
- 2nd at the General Classification of the World Cup 2011 of ski Half-Pipe
, La Plagne March 2011   
- Gold medalist
of the half-pipe world cup in Austria (FREESTYLE SKI WORLD CUP 2011 Kreischberg), January 2011
-    2nd at the Winter X Games Europe Tignes 2010
-    Silver Medalist Superpipe Winter X Games Europe Tignes
-    Gold Medalist Superpipe X Games 2009
-    2nd at the General Classification of the Word Cup in 2009
-    Winner of the NZ Open (Halfpipe) 2007
-    Hafpipe France’s Champion 2006

To realise your potential when it comes to pulling tricks, we talk to a pro…
Xavier Bertoni, an athlete from Tignes and silver medal winner at the European Winter X Games in Tignes 2010 explains: “When I train or during a competition, I always wear a helmet and a back protector. For freestyle, I recommend twin-tipped skis for going forwards and backwards. It’s also good to wear fairly large skiwear so that you aren’t restricted by it. It also looks better! In the Big Air you need to start with small jumps or rather a step-up. This is a jump where you get to the base fairly quickly, but the landing is gentle. It’s great for learning. Once you’ve mastered the small jump, you move on to the next stage. In the Pipe it’s simple – the faster you go, the higher you go. To improve without hurting yourself you need good equipment, a good jump and most importantly, you need to know your own capabilities. Finally, a little secret for success in the air: train on an air bag to begin with to get the feeling of rotating before you try to pull something on a Big Air.”

Born in May, 4th 1988
Skiing since … he was 3 years old
First Halfpipe World Cup participation when he was… 15 years old
Favorite tricks… flat spin 360
Likes… the feeling of skiing the right side of the pipe
Lovers of… his two spatulas (of course), of two-wheels and four-wheels : he also practices motocycle and karting
Would like...to pass his helicopter pilot’s licence, to climb higher and higher !

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