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The list of X Games host cities will grow by three in 2013, as ESPN announced  that Barcelona, Spain; Munich, Germany; and Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, have been chosen as X Games venues for the next three years. The new cities were selected from a group of nine finalists and will stage summer competitions through 2015.

They join current hosts Aspen, Colo.; Tignes, France; and Los Angeles, creating a six-event (four summer, two winter) X Games schedule that will run from January to August in 2013.
"Action sports is a collection of activities that we think travels really well around the world," said Scott Guglielmino, senior vice president of programming and X Games with ESPN. "The reality of what we're doing here is we've created this huge stage for action-sports athletes, and we're taking that global now. We're providing an even larger platform for them to participate in and perform at, and grow themselves."

The long-anticipated announcement adds an X Games presence in Latin America, which harbors one of the strongest action-sports cultures in the world, and gives ESPN three X Games events in Europe, another region with a thriving action-sports scene.

"A lot of our decision on which cities to select was based on their action-sports culture and our point of view on how strong it was," Guglielmino said, adding that each city backed up its existing culture with strong visions of what the X Games would look like there. The new hosts also will introduce additional sports and cultural elements unique to their regions.

Jan. 24-27: Aspen, Colo.
March 20-22: Tignes, France
April 18-21: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
May 9-12: Barcelona, Spain
June 27-30: Munich, Germany
Aug. 1-4: Los Angeles

Tignes will directly benefit from this opportunity: the spin-offs and profile which the X Games will generate through year-round media coverage of international action sports, can only be beneficial.  It's also worth noting that there will be no additional competition for our resort, given that the 3 new hosts will be staging the summer X Games, Tignes will retain its unique position as the only winter X Games host in Europe.

The decision to harmonise the naming of the events was taken to enable each location to better promote itself on the world stage. Each location puts its name alongside the X GAMES brand, and there is no longer any distinction between winter or summer. Our event will now be known as X GAMES TIGNES.
We are looking forward to seeing you by the pipe in March 2013 !

From 14th-16th March 2012, for the 3rd consecutive year Tignes hosted the best freestylers in the world. Over the three years, the Winter X Games in Tignes has earned its place as a highlight of the European winter sporting calendar.
In three years, this event has gone from being considered an enormous surprise to being a resounding success both in terms of public support and media interest. Canal + Events reminded the media that the Winter X Games Tignes was the largest French production of a winter event. The X Games Tignes was undoubtedly the winter success story providing the station with opportunity to broadcast its images in over 200 countries with a volume of almost 6,000 hours.   If you need more proof, there were over 103,600 spectators during the three days compared with 75,000 in 2011. The big crowd puller was undoubtedly the final of the snowboard Superpipe which included the unrivalled American Shaun White, performing in front of a 45,000 strong crowd.


The world waited. Would he or wouldn't he come? For 2 years, the flying redhead kept everyone guessing up until the last minute before finally choosing not to attend the first two Winter X Games in Tignes.
During the Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Final, he won the crowd over with an amazing performance. Having won two gold medals in Tignes (in the Superpipe and the Slopestyle), Mr White, who already had 17 medals before arriving in Tignes, 12 of them gold, became one of the great names of the Winter X Games. Not forgetting his two Olympic titles from 2006 and 2010.
As for his image, he is most certainly “bankable”, having earned more than 7 million dollars in 2011, he is the tenth best-paid sportsman in the world according to the 2011 rankings in Forbes magazine. It is a fairytale story for this young man who was born with a heart defect and twice had open-heart surgery before he was even a year old. It’s a happy ending, just how they like them in America!

3 days of competition. 117,000 people.

The 2013 Tignes Winter X Games attracted 117,000 people, the all-time record for the Winter X Games, beating the Aspen figures which took place over 4 days!

Here are some of the competition highlights from 4th edition.

Thursday 21 March. 18:30. Snowboard SuperPipe Final
The suspense was immense, with the medal places being decided on the last rider’s final run!
Louie Vito took first place on the podium with his last run, relegating the Frenchman Arthur Longo into second place. It was an ultra-technical run with 4 different variations of double cork in particular.

Arthur Longo performed for all the French supporters when he delivered an almost perfect first run, propelling him into first place with 92 points! He became a 2013 X Games legend thanks to his talent and his gentle yet rebellious rock star style. 

Iouri Podladtchikov finished in fourth place but pulled off the first ever “cab double cork 1440” in freestyle history! Carried along by euphoria, he fell on his following jump and missed out on a medal. But for Iouri, it didn’t matter that night… He was so excited he threw his snowboard into the crowd: it provided an indelible image from the 2013 Winter X Games.

Friday 22 March. 13:00. Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final

The women had a stormy week with training sessions being repeatedly postponed due to the weather conditions. This didn’t stop them from pushing the boundaries during the finals, with “frontside 1080s” and “double backflips” amongst other tricks.
This time it was the young, blonde and glamorous Norwegian Silje Norendal who stood out. "I decided not to limit myself in my choice of tricks and to risk everything. Playing it safe to guarantee 4th or 5th place didn’t interest me at all…”

Friday 22 March. 18:30. Men’s Ski SuperPipe Final
The youngest athlete in the competition, the American Torin Yater-Wallace won the Tignes Winter X Games Ski SuperPipe gold medal once again.  It was a victory that reinforced Yater-Wallace’s position amongst the favourite medal-winners in his discipline at the X Games and proves he is one to watch closely at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014.

David Wise took second place on the podium while the Frenchman Kevin Rolland showed that he was back on track (he injured his knee in 2012 and started competing again in December 2012) by taking the bronze medal.

The tears flowed behind Frenchman Thomas Krief’s goggles during the 4th edition of the competition. Despite high expectations he missed out on “his” 2013 Tignes Winter X Games when he failed to make it through the qualifying rounds.

Friday 22 March. 20 :30. Women’s Ski SuperPipe Final
There was a surprise, yet heart-warming result in the women’s SuperPipe with Marie Martinod from France making an unbelievable return after a 7-year break. She managed to take first place, a remarkable comeback for this young mother with a 3-year-old daughter!

“This is the first time I’ve had so many friends and family cheering me on at the finish line. All I can say is that you carried me!" declared Marie Martinod, holding her daughter at the bottom of the SuperPipe. "Their encouragement made such a difference to me - they gave me the extra strength I needed to win".

She was closely followed by another French female medal-winner, Anaïs Caradeux, who finished in second place in Tignes.
French glamour ruled as this charming duo pulled off the shock result that closed the Tignes 2013 Winter X Games. Thank you girls!

X GAMES: TIGNES has put itself forward to host 2015 and beyond...

The 2013 Tignes Winter X Games had scarcely ended before thoughts turned to the 5th edition.

Get your diaries out! The 2014 Tignes Winter X Games is taking place from 19 to 21 March. Yes, but what’s after that?

“After that we are organising the 5th edition in 2014 and we have put ourselves forward to organise the competitions from 2015 onwards. But we are not the only ones who would like to host the event. Last time, twenty or so European resorts put themselves forwards and once again we were 4th or 5th on the short list”, declared Sébastien Mérignargues.

This year’s figures will certainly be coveted by the others:

- Tignes Winter X Games = the largest annual European snowsports event. Only the Winter Olympics (every 4 years) and the Alpine World Ski Championships (every 2 years) are bigger but change site every time.
- 600 people work on the event.
- 460 official journalists from 20 or so countries.
- 18.5 hours of live coverage exclusively on CANAL+ during the week. New for 2013: the qualifying rounds were broadcast as well as the finals! All this in HD and also the 52-minute highlights programme, which was broadcast on CANAL+ on Sunday 24th March 2013.
- More than 6,000 hours of TV broadcast in 180 different countries.
- 117,000 spectators in 3 days.
As well as bringing elite freestylers together from different disciplines, the X Games is an incredible television machine: 42 TV cameras including “followcams” (cameramen who follow the riders during the runs), “slow motion” cameras and even a drone (remote-controlled flying camera).

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