World Record Longest Jump

Ready to take off!

We all remember his sick backflip in February 2013, his crazy Motor Water Show on the lake last summer or his Full Metal Garage experience in 2011. Our favorite car buff Guerlain Chicherit, 5th Dakar Rally in 2009 and real pilot at heart, was back with a new crazy project: break a new long-jump World record… with a car!

1000 extra horses under the hood

Guerlain is crazy about pimping his ride! The car of the pilot has been especially customized for the event. The result? His car has 1000 extra horses under the hood. No less! With his over-boosted car, Guerlain attempted the exploit.

The goal: a more than 100-metre jump!

Addict to the most extreme challenges, he tried to stretch the limits of the best pilots of the planet that had already tried before:
-  Ken Block in 2006 : 52 m
- Travis Pastrana in 2010 : 82 m
- Tanner Foust with the Hot Wheels Team in 2011 : 101,2 m

Guerlain jumped and rised up thanks to a ramp built just for the event! Unfortunately, dispite very promising tests, things didn't go as planned on D-day, with a rough landing... The car flipped a few times, but he miraculously escaped unscathed.

Guerlain Chicherit didn't managed to break the World Record Longest Jump this time, but he's already started to watch the videos of the "flight". Probably getting ready for a new attempt!

For more info about Guerlain, check it out!

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