Do you know what slackline is?

The slackline, new sporting show, got invited in the sky of the resort on July 22nd with the best "slacklers" of the world for an out of the common demo. (Tancrede Melet, Julien Millot, Fabrice Wittner, Jelena Schradi and Antoine Moineville). Introduction to this sport was also organised from 3.00 pm.

Val Claret Centre, Curling square

At the beginning...

While American walkers were having fun walking on chains or narrow walls between two climbing sessions, Adam Grosowky had the idea of tightening a nylon rope between two fixed points and walking on it: slackline was born.

This sport has already evolved a lot for the past 30 years: it is said that there are more than 20 000 people who practice slackline around the World, and many disciplines have grown since 1979, such as trickline, highline or baseline. The first international competition took place in February 2008 in Scotland.

Balance, suppleness and self-control: slackline brings many benefits, this is why high level sportsmen (such as the skier Bode Miller and the climber Dean Potter) have started practicing this sport!

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