Men's snowboard SuperPipe

Shaun White wins the competitions once again and beats Louie Vito (silvber) and Iouri Podladtchikov (bronze).

Shaun White is definitely unbeatable! Wearing his lucky zebra pants, the ones with which he won every contest he entered this year, Shaun came out of the Pipe higher than anyone else. His first run, that scored 98 points, was close to perfect, with a really fat backside air and a trick he invented: the front double cork 1260. His main opponent, Louie Vito, would not be able to bump him from first place. Even though he put in his most consistent run. The Swiss rider Iouri Podladtchikov didn't manage to land his new trick, a switch double mac twist 1260. That could have changed the deal...

Gold Shaun White 98,00 64,66 24,66
Silver Louie Vito 92,00 89,33 94,33
Bronze Iouri Podladtchikov 88,00 19,66 38,33
4 Matt Ladley 65,00 44,66 85,00
5 Danny Davis 75,00 18,00 60,66
6 Benji Farrow 50,66 31,00 70,00
7 Christian Haller 43,00 20,66 30,00
8 Nathan Johnstone 15,00 17,00 31,00

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