i-Moov - The electric cars

This winter, i-Moov is bringing its electric cars to Tignes! A fleet of around 40 “Twizy” will be available to car share. Electric vehicles equipped with snow tyres and a ski carrier: it’s THE eco-friendly
solution for holidays in the mountains!

How it works:
Head to one of the reception desk of the resort with your driving license*  and buy an i-Moov pass (Maisons de Tignes and car parks reception desks): you can then make the most of the service!

Bonus: FREE car park spaces are especially dedicated to the Twizy cars. Practical: you can take a car and drop it close to where you are**.

Immediate booking or pre-booking 10 minutes in advance: your choice!

* A driving license is compulsory.
** Subject to the availability of dedicated car park spaces.

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