Full Metal Garage Show

Four time freeride World champion, Rally Raid World champion in 2009, 5th at the Dakar 2009: Guerlain Chicherit is used to medals... He can swap easily his skis for his Mini Countryman All4 Racing. The founder of the brand CoreUPT has won about 20 titles these past 10 years, during international competitions.

Have a look to his prize list here.

Sunday, February 13th (5 - 6.30 pm): Training 1
First day of training, at the Almes, on the Paquis - Chaudannes area: Guerlain Chicherit jumped over a road! A big road gap for a big thrill... Everybody held their breath when the Mini Countryman took off and then landed...

Monday, February 14th (5 - 6.30 pm): Training 2
Second day of training, on a new playground: the Mini Countryman and its pilot will "played" around the Maison de Tignes le Lac! Skids, donuts, up and down the stairs...

Tuesday, February 15th (5 - 6.30 pm): Training 3
Last day of training before the big show, but not least, on Tignes' lake: slaloms and skids on the frozen lake, and a spectacular jump from the avalanche tunnel ("step down")!

Wednesday, February 16th (5 - 6.30 pm): Full Metal Garage Show
After the three days of training, time for the big show! A whole course of the 3 areas (Almes, Maison de Tignes and lake). Road gap, stairs, donuts, skids, step up and step down on an avalanche tunnel... A spectacular performance!

From February 13th to 16th, don't miss Guerlain Chicherit's performance with his Mini Countryman All4 Racing, back from Dakar 2011 for a totally new and FREE show on Tignes' snow! The first four-wheel-drive Mini sports car is ready to show what it's got inside...

After the sandy tracks of the Dakar, the pilot and his racing car are getting into the freestyle / freeride mood... Four days, three areas of Tignes, one outstanding event!

Concept by Christophe Bouzon and Guerlain Chicherit.

Experience the show once again!



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