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Happy ending for the Olympique Lyonnais! They easily won the friendly match they played against the Servette de Genève on Wednesday, the 7th: 3-1.

The Servette de Genève

The Swiss team has won many prizes, even though its results were quite deceptive those last seasons. The team had started its training a few weeks ago, and had already played 3 friendly matches (one victory and two defeats).

Saturday programme

The Lyon team cycled up the Col de l'Iseran: 11 kms, 700 m of difference in height, it was a real challenge for the football players. Nicolas Seguin won the race: 51 minutes and 52 seconds!

In the afternoon, they tried rafting along the Isère waters: 5 boats, almost 20 kms, 2 hours, meaning about 4000m difference in height in just one day!

Sunday programme

The Olympique Lyonnais team trained once more on the Eric Cantona field for 2 hours. Then, they took some time to sign autographs to their supporters.

Monday programme

 The football players started to train early: warm up at 7 am, and a 20-minute race around the lake. They trained at 10 am on the Erica Cantona field for an hour, and then another hour of weight training at the Lagon.

They played on the field once more at 5 pm: shots session.

Tuesday programme

The team trained at 10 am on the Eric Cantona field: warm up, race and specific exercises. Then, they played "tennis ball".

They trained again in the afternoon at 5 pm: one of the last training sessions before playing against the Servette de Genève on Wednesday at 5 pm...

Wednesday programme

The OL football players started their training early this morning: they grabbed their MTB at 7.15 am to cycle around the lake for half an hour. Then, they had (a much awaited) breakfast, before going back to the Lagon ( a place they seem to particularly enjoy) at 10 am for a weight training session. Then, they went to Tignespace, and played... basketball for a change!

The team went to Eric Cantona field at 4 pm for a training session.

Thursday programme

The team ran and cycled for about an hour this morning, during a run & bike session from Tignes le Lac to Tignes Val Claret and around the lake. 15 kms under the sun. And the winners are... Ederson and Seguin, who finished first with a very good timing: 56 minutes and 43 seconds to complete the course!

The football players trained on the Eric Cantona field from 5.15 pm on: warm up and thematic games, in front of supporters.

Friday programme

The Lyon team trained hard this morning: they ran 3 times around the lake and practiced at the Lagon (weight training and exercises). They trained on the Eric Cantona field at 5.30 pm... under the rain!

The team arrival

The Lyon football players know well the road that leads to Tignes, as it is the 12th time they are coming at an altitude of 2100m to train before the season opening. The team arrived, as planned, on Sunday, June 27th, and knows the next few days will not be holidays!

Monday programme

The training started at 9.30 am with three workshops of 40 minutes each: core muscle strenghtening exercises and weight training at the Lagon, and MTB around the lake, from the aquatic centre to Tignes Val Claret.

At the end of the afternoon, the football players put their hiking shoes on to climb up to the Grande Motte. A 2-hour walk and 1000m difference in hight to get to the glacier, where they will spend the night.

Tuesday programme

The team spent the morning on the glacier: a little bit of snowshoeing to head toward the biathlon course under the sunlight! The 7 teams of 4 or 5 players tried to aim the targets and grab the bollard the fastest they could. In the afternoon, the team trained in the Lagon weight training room. Then, they went to the Eric Cantona field for their first training.

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