Extreme sports, low impact

Because without mountains, there would be no Winter X Games, respecting nature is a big part of the X Games' spirit.
You think that such a big event cannot be environment friendly? Here are a few actions we set up to reduce the impact the X Games Tignes have on the environment.

You heard that...
"The event must need to produce a really big amount of artificial snow to shape such big modules and the superpipe"

Yes, but... We use artificial snow as well as fresh snow, and...

- The shape of the superpipe is built out of dirt to reduce significantly the amount of snow needed
- 70% of the water used to produce artificial snow goes back to the lake, let alone the precipitations following the evaporation!
- The SuperPipe is not used only during the event: it is a real activity site open to all before and after the competitions!

Did you know? Artificial snow is produced with no chemicals, only air and water just like fresh snow. Furthermore, Tignes' snow-making system has been optimized and dimmers have been installed on the motors to save 25% to 30% of energy.

You think that...
"There must be a lot of waste on the event site with such a crowd!"

Yes, but... We anticipated that!

- Tignes takes care of its environment daily (recycling trash, environment days every season to clean the resort, use of grit instead of salt etc.)... and even more during the Winter X Games Europe!
- The X Games set up an environmental program in the US, a real inspiration for us to work on new actions year after year to minimize the impact the event has on the environment in Tignes. More info: X Games Environmentality.
- The event's partners are also dedicated to the environment!

Did you know? 30 tons of waste are sorted and recycled during the event!

Someone told you that:
"Such a big event must cause a lot of pollution: machines used to push the snow and shape the superpipe and modules, transportation, supporters' cars..."

Yes, but... We minimize transportation!

- The groomers and snowcats are running with biological oil that is processed after use.
- Tignes invested in the "Winch BR 350", the famous arm used to give the SuperPipe its perfect shape: no need to cross the Atlantic anymore!
- The scaffholding are stored in a big warehouse in Tignes from year to the next: no need to use trucks to transport it.
- In Tignes, the car parks are compulsary, and free shuttles are available to join the competition sites. 

In your mind...
"The event must need to print many documents to welome suh a crowd!"

Yes, but... Not that much!

- All info about the event are online on our website and on Facebook, the best way to reduce printing.
- You can also check the competition programme on our mini website for iPhone.

Did you know? The piste map, the resort map, the "Tignes Pratique" and the competition programme are all printed on recycled paper!

You too have some ideas to protect your favorite playground? We will be happy to read them, so write to webmaster@tignes.net!

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