Do you speak X Games?

Become a freestyle expert with these complementary defitions... Understanding the sportscaster is ok, but that's even better if you can comment the action to your friends yourself!


Sequence of tricks performed by the riders in the superpipe or along the Slopestyle.
Goal: height, amplitude, style and difficulty.
  Goofy / Regular
Goofy: a snowboarder whose right foot is before his left foot.
Regular: a snowboarder whose left foot is before his right foot.
A half-turn that allows the riders to ride the module from the opposite way.
Somersault: backflip (backward somersault) and frontflip (the opposite).
A trick that consists of grabing the snowboard or the skis while jumping. There are many ways of doing it.
  Double cork
A spectacular trick that consists of doing two turns upside down while jumping.
  360, 720, 1080...
A 360 is a turn in the air, a 720, two turns and 1080, three turns.

You don't know anything about freestyle? Don't panic!
Here is a list of THE words you must know to get around the competition sites!


A king-size half-pipe, 220 meter long and 7 meter high.
A course of several modules, 800 meter long and 190 meters difference in height.
The most urban of the artificial modules of the slopestyle: long rail made out of steel.
Natural (snowy) or artificial elements along the course of the slopestyle: big air, table, rails.
Top of the half-pipe walls.
  Big air
One of the most famous modules of the slopestyle: big jump made out of snow.
  X Fest
Partners village: entertainment, goodies, autograph session...

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