X Games Tignes 2014

X GAMES TIGNES/19-21 March 2014

The European version of the Winter X Games created by ESPN in the US, co-produced by Canal+ and ESPN, the X Games will take place over 3 days in Tignes where over 150 athletes from all over the world will compete in 8 disciplines: Superpipe and Slopestyle skiing and snowboarding in separate men's and women's events. All those disciplines will be part of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games for the 1st time. The X Games Tignes are a unique version of the Winter X Games held in the US.

Following on from the Olympic Games in Sochi which will be taking place from 7 to 23 February 2014, 100 of the world’s best freestylers will come together from 19 to 21 March 2014 for the 5th edition of the Tignes X Games. It will be the perfect opportunity for the future first Olympic SuperPipe and Slopestyle ski and snowboard champions to prove their metal and let themselves go as they do their thing in the Tignes arena.

Marie Martinod: a story, a personality, a destiny and a killer look - she is THE rider to watch.
2013 Tignes X Games. Friday 22 March 2013.
8.30pm. Women’s SuperPipe Ski Final.
It was the surprise, yet heart-warming result of the 2013 Tignes X Games. Marie Martinod from France made an unbelievable return after a 7-year break and managed to take first place! It was a remarkable comeback for this young mother of a 5-year-old daughter.

One year later, Marie will be there in March 2014 in “HER” SuperPipe in Tignes where she will meet up with the rest of the “made in Tignes” sportsmen and women again.

Marie is not your typical female skier. As a pillar of international freestyle skiing between 2004-2007, she disappeared from the world of freeskiing and ended her career - these things happen in life. But it was the announcement that the Halfpipe was to feature at the Olympic Games in 2014 that gave her the desire to take up her skis again and to take her life as a sportswoman and her destiny to become a champion in hand. After a 7-year break and the birth of her child, with her Rock n’Roll looks, Marie headed back to the edge of the pipe and made her big comeback on the planet freestyle podiums last winter. She then clinched her place at the Sochi Olympic Games. She is THE girl to watch in the French ranks during the next Winter Olympics.
To prepare for the Olympics, which will take her to Russia in February 2014 and thanks to the X Games and other international competitions, Marie has chosen Tignes as her official resort and HQ to take off her skis and live with her family.


The Free Ski Project, led by the most famous of the coaches, Greg Guenet, is in itself the cream of the French freestyle medal-contenders in the SuperPipe at the Olympic Games in Sochi: Kevin Rolland, Toto Krief, Ben Valentin, Xavier Bertoni, Joff Pollet-Villard and Marie Martinod are in contention to win a ticket to become the first SuperPipe Olympiads. You will find them training in Tignes as soon as the glacier opens!

The 2014 Tignes X Games will take place from 19 to 21 March. Yes, but what’s after that?
 “After that we are organising the 5th edition in 2014 and we have put ourselves forward to organise the competitions from 2015 onwards. But we are not the only ones who would like to host the event. In 2009 at the time of the first call for tender, twenty or so European resorts put themselves forwards and once again we were 4th or 5th on the short list, declared Sébastien Mérignargues.

Because of the success of the event, other resorts are keen to put themselves forward at the next call for tender from ESPN at the end of summer 2013.
This year’s figures will certainly be coveted by the others:
- Tignes Winter X Games = the largest annual European snowsports event. Only the Winter Olympics (every 4 years) and the Alpine World Ski Championships (every 2 years) are bigger but change site every time.
- 600 people work on the event.
- 460 journalists from 20 or so countries were accredited in 2013.
- 18.5 hours of live coverage exclusively on CANAL+ during the week of the event.
- More than 6,000 hours of TV broadcast in 180 different countries.
- 117,000 spectators in 3 days.

The Winter X Games first appeared in 1997 in the USA, following the big success of the Summer X Games, which had already been held in California. The X Games quickly established themselves as the most important gathering for alternative sports and have been held every year since then, each event building on the success of its predecessor. Since 2002, the American Winter X Games have been held at Aspen in Colorado.
In 2010, the Winter X Games arrived for the first time in Europe in Tignes.

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