The panellists

Known and recognized as a sporting and festive resort, Tignes also confirms its OPEN positioning: open to the world, open-minded, open to all audiences…

Tignes is the resort where sport is enjoyed all year and targets everyone, with the promise of a virtuous approach, bearer of values.

Tignes therefore puts an emphasis on ethics, and is delighted and proud to introduce the first edition of a large-scale project close to its heart: the SPORT VALUES International Meeting. A new and innovative event which will take place every year, at the beginning of the winter season.


During one week, the SPORT VALUES International Meeting offers a diversity of content, both entertaining and conducive to reflection, to gather a large audience: sports governance stakeholders, professional athletes, educated amateurs, healthcare and education professionals, students, youth and general public…


Together, sharing Values through Sport.


  • Guerlain Chicherit, French professional skier (4-time World Freeride champion) and racing driver // Président of the Jury
  • Jean Galfione, French pole vaulting athlete (Olympic champion), turned sailor and sportscaster
  • Catherine Zoughedani, Responsable Partenariats Cinéma et Placements Produit à la Direction de la Publicité France, Renault
  • Séverine Fontaine, Elue au Conseil Municipal de Tignes, en charge de la culture et de l’enfance
  • Philippe Perinet, Director of the resort of Tignes

THE Panellists

Conference 1: "Moral and Physical Recovery through Sport"

  • Martin Colclough, Head of National Sports Recovery, Help for Heroes (Great-Britain)
  • Ollie Thorn, British soldier wounded in action, Paralympic skier
  • Chief Adjutant Patrick Jauvais, Direction des Blessés Militaires et Sport (DBMS)
  • Jonathan Hamou, soldier, wounded in action, athletics and swimming
  • Jean-Baptiste Richardier, co-founder of Handicap International
  • Cassie Cava, young British Paralympic athlete, triathlon

Lou Braz Dagand, young french Paralympic athlete, ski


Conference 2: "Diplomacy through Sport"

  • Jean-Baptiste Richardier, co-founder of Handicap International
  • Prof. Sarah Hillyer, Executive Director of the Center for Sport, Peace and Society at the University of Tennessee
  • Philippe Vinogradoff, Ambassador for Sport attached to the French Ministry of Foreign Affaires
  • Alain Arvin-Berod, Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Sport and Citizenship’ Think Tank
  • Olivier Verhelle, CEO, IMSC (International Military Sports Council) (to be confirmed)


Conference 3: "Sport and its values as education tools"

  • Jörn Kasine, Sports Relations Manager, Right to Play
  • Allaoui Guenni, “Déclics sportifs” Programme Manager, Agence pour l’Éducation par le Sport
  • Chloé Weimer, Manager of the Rhône-Alpes office, “Déclics sportifs” Programme pedagogical manager, Agence pour l’Éducation par le Sport
  • Jean-Baptiste Richardier, co-founder of Handicap International
  • Alain Arvin-Berod, Director of AMOS Sport Business School

Morning conversations: THE athletes

  • Guerlain CHICHERIT, French professional skier (4-time World Freeride champion) and racing driver
  • Jean GALFIONE, French pole vaulting athlete (Olympic champion), turned sailor and sportscaster
  • Florence MASNADA, French alpine skier (Alpine Ski Combined World Champion) and skiing events commentator
  • Kafétien GOMIS, French long jump athlete
  • Brian LIEBENBERG, South African-born French rugby union player (winner of the French Championship and the Six Nations Grand Slam)
  • Jonathan HAMOU, French soldier wounded in action, several times medallist in international snowboarding and athletics competitions
  • Marlène HARNOIS, Franco-Canadian, Olympic and world medallist, 2-time European and World University champion in taekwondo, involved in the Foundation Heart Angel (Côte d’Ivoire) whose goal is to promote education, culture, and sport to the youth
  • Cassie CAVA, British Paralympic snowboarder
  • Renaud LONGUEVRE, French athletics coach, current manager of the French athletics teams
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