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How to get your free lift pass

Get your FREE MTB lift pass at the Maisons de Tignes welcome desk in Lac and Val Claret.


MTB lift opening hours

From July 1st to September1st:


  • Toviere gondola: 10am - 12.30am / 1pm - 5pm
  • Palafour chairlift: 10am - 1pm / 1.30pm - 5pm
  • Tufs chairlift: 10am - 1pm / 1.30pm - 5pm



  • Olympique cable car: 9.45am - noon / 12.30am - 4.45pm
  • Borsat chairlift: 10.15am - 12.30am / 1pm - 16.25pm


Free MTB shuttle

Use the free shuttle with a trailer to come back to Tignes le Lac from Les Brévières and Tignes 1800 with your MTB!


Brévières - Camping - Tignes 1800 - Tignes le Lac tour

From Monday to Saturday: 2 buses
Departure from Tignes le Lac: 9.30am-10am-10.30am-11am-11.30am / 1.30pm-2pm-2.30pm-3pm-3.30pm-4pm-4.30pm-5pm
Departure from Les Brévières: 9.30am-10am-10.30am-11am-11.30am-noon / 1.30pm-2pm-2.30pm-3pm-3.30pm-4pm-4.30pm-5pm-5.30pm

On Sunday: 1 bus
Departure from Les Brévières: 9am-10am-11am-noon / 1.30pm-2.30pm-3.30pm-4.30pm-5.30pm


WARNING: 8 people max. per shuttle. MTB are allowed on the way up and down.


There is also a complementary shuttle (bus) between Tignes 1800 / Les Boisses and Tignes le Lac. Schedule: displayed at each bus stop.

MTB are allowed on the way up only in these buses.




A logo to look for to keep your MTB safe!
After a whole day on the MTB trails, head the to the Maisons de Tignes left-luggage areas, as well as to all accommodation and shops showing this logo "MTB, WELCOME".

Cleaning and inflation areas:

In Tignes le Lac and Tignes Val Claret.

More info? Contact the tourism office: +33 4 79 40 04 40


Weather forecast

In the mountains, the weather conditions can change very quickly, so do not hesitate to check the weaher forecast before going out: +33 8 99 71 02 73.

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