The Under the Pole expedition: ice diving preparation

Sponsored by Jean-Louis Etienne, the submarine polar expedition Under The Pole is an innovative and daring adventure that aims at telling the life of a world adrift with pictures, for today and for tomorrow.

On 15 March 2010, 6 crewmembers with various athletic and scientific backgrounds will head for the North Pole to observe the underwater side of the ice floe, a hidden universe that is still unknown because it is so difficult to access.
Goal: to realize a completely new audio-visual testimony about a world in distress because of the global warming, to establish its "memory" and to present it as he never has been presented to future generations.
The 20 000 photos and 40 hours of film that will be made will be related to the ice floe, top and bottom. The work is namely intended to be published as a book and will be used to make a 90 minute-film.
In parallel, a scientific program related to the scientists monitoring the melting ice floe will be conducted using the information gathered on the snow and ice thickness all along the way.

Moving on skis and dragging their equipment on sleds, the members of the expedition will travel 800 km on the ice floe at a temperature of -15 ° C to -50 ° C, they will dive 90 times underwater between the geographic North Pole and the Ellesmere Island in the far north of Canada.
A real sporting achievement that combines skiing and diving in one of the harshest climate theatres on the planet!

Led by Alban Michon, an ice diving instructor in Tignes and member of the expedition in charge of the diving equipment, the team will gather on the frozen lake in Tignes from 5 to 13 December 2009.
Goal for this first training phase: to prepare for ice diving.

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