Summer 2015 program

At more than 2 000 m, altitude is ideal for reaping all the benefits of oxygenation. As air pressure diminishes, oxygen becomes rarer. 

After a few days, the human body adapts by producing more red blood cells. The circulation of oxygen in the blood becomes more efficient. 

Once you return to your normal altitude, your endurance levels are significantly improved. It’s not surprising that many great athletes train in high altitude before important competitions.


June 2015

French federation of Golf

Physical training and mountain sports - Women National team from 15th to 20th of June.


July 2015


FC Brighton, professional football team

Training in Tignes from 05/07 to the 10/07


Nando De Colo basketball (amateurs)

Intensive training for the "amateurs" of the NDC camp from the 05/07 till the 12/07.


Art et Danse

Dance training in Tignes from 10/07 to the 12/08.

France rugby team training camp

 VX de France is training in Tignes from July, 15th to 26th

More information HERE

Stage Foot 73

Training in Tignes from 27/07 to the 01/08.

More information HERE


French Handball Young Male Team

Training from the 26/07 till the 02/08.

More information HERE


Hungarian Handball Young Male Team

Training from the 28/07 till the 02/08.

More information HERE


RCT (Rugby Club Toulonnais team)

RCT team back to Tignes from the 29/07 to the 4/08.

More information HERE


August 2015


MCV, Montagne Club Vésubien

One week of mountain bike in Tignes for the Saint Martin Vésubie team  from the 01/08 till the 08/08

ESBF, women's handball team of Besançon

Training from the 03/08 till the 06/08.

 USON Rugby Plus, Rugby team of Nevers

Training from the 04/08 till the 08/08.

FC GRENOBLE, Centre de Formation  

Training from the 11 till the 14/08.

The Rhône-Alpes Roller League CRH RA

The Rhône-Alpes roller team back in Tignes from the 16/08 till the 22/08 and from the 23/08 till the 29/08.

More information HERE 

Worcester Warriors  

English rugby team (Premiership) training in Tignes from the 24/08 till the 04/09.


September 2015


MHR (Montpellier Hérault Rugby team)

Intensive training in altitude from the 20/09 till the 26/09.

More information HERE


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