Skiing SuperPipe women

Sarah Burke takes the gold, the French Anaïs Caradeux takes the silver and Devin Logan ends up on the 3rd step og the podium.

Sarah Burke (Canada), who definitely surpasses her competitors, takes her 5th gold medal at Winter X Games, two months after winning in Aspen. We remember her perfect cork 900 and flat spin 5 in her 3rd run.

The French Anaïs Caradeux led the competition till Sarah Burke landed her last run. She takes the silver. She is the second French to get a medal, after Kevin Rolland won his in skiing SuperPipe as well two days ago.

Devin Logan gets to the 3rd step of the podium... with a broken hand and her pole taped to her plaster cast!

      Run 1 Run 2 Run 3  
  1 Sarah Burke 79,00 23,33 95,33  
  2 Anais Caradeux 93,00 35,00 10,66  
  3 Devin Logan 90,00 91,33 35,00  
  4 Virginie Faivre 85,00 86,00 87,00  
  5 Keltie Hanson 75,00 83,00 77,33  
  6 Roz Groenewoud 80,00 77,66 71,33  
  7 Katrien Aerts 80,00 77,66 71,33  
  8 Mirjiam Jaeger 53,33 46,00 27,33  

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