Skiing SuperPipe men

Kevin Rolland wins again the gold medal, just before Justin Dorey and the young Torin Yater-Wallace!

Kevin Rolland was definitely the crowd favorite at Winter X Games Europe 2011. The French skier has been on fire for two seasons now winning the last four ESPN SuperPipe events: Winter X Games 15 and 15 and Winter X Games Europe 2010 and 2011. What separated him form the rest of his competitors was the difficulty of his run, which was highlighted by a perfect double cork 1260 mutegrab on the last hit. He was French perfection and the judges rewarded him: 93.00 points!

Earning his second Winter X Games Europe medal (bronze in 2010), Justin Dorey had a great competition, which was made even better when he landed the first "clean" switch double cork 1080 in competition on his last hit of his first run. Both Jossi Wells and Simon Dumont also attempted the trick, but did not manage to land it properly.

After becoming the youngest Winter X Games medalist (SuperPipe silver, age 15 year two months), Aspen's Torin Yater-Wallace proved he wasn't a one hit wonder by earning bronze at Winter X Games Europe 2011.

      Run 1 Run 2 Run 3  
  1 Kevin Rolland 93,00 80,66 79,66  
  2 Justin Dorey 90,00 48,33 88,33  
  3 Torin Yater-Wallace 65,00 81,66 88,00  
  4 Simon Dumont 70,00 87,00 85,33  
  5 Thomas Krief 59,33 85,00 25,00  
  6 Duncan Adams 78,66 64,66 68,66  
  7 Jossi Wells 35,00 71,66 41,66  
  8 David Wise 15,00 20,00 68,00  

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