Skiing Slopestyle women

Kaya Turski wins the gold medal, Keri Herman gets silver and Kim Lamarre climbs on the third step of the podium.

For the 4th consecutive ESPN Slopestyle event, Canada's Kaya Turski has captured gold. She overcame an awkward - and potentially painful - fall early in her first run to win by attacking both the rails and the jumps. Ne female rider could match her overall execution: 92.00 points in her 3rd run!

For four consecutive ESPN Slopestyle events, Keri Herman (USA) has played the bridesmaid to Turski. While Herman throws some difficult tricks, she does not have Turski's rail chops or overall impression.

Kim Lamarre (Canada) got big props when she threw a backside swith-up over the rail gap in the Rail Garden: it was the most talked about trick of the competition. If she had thrown a harder trick on the last kicker, she almost assuredly would have supplanted Herman for silver.

      Run 1 Run 2 Run 3  
  1 Kaya Turski 20,00 89,66 92,00  
  2 Keri Herman 85,00 41,66 89,00  
  3 Kim Lamarre 86,66 66,33 88,33  
  4 Anna Segal 80,00 84,00 28,33  
  5 Devin Logan 83,66 10,66 0,00  
  6 Ashley Battersby 76,66 23,33 63,66  
  7 Emma Dahlstrom 15,00 70,33 74,00  
  8 Maria Bagge 71,33 73,33 60,00  
  9 Katie Summerheyes 67,00 69,66 61,66  
  10 Tiril Sjastad 61,33 69,33 55,00  

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