Skiing Slopestyle men

JF Houle takes the gold, Andreas Hatveit the silver, and the British James Wood gets to the 3rd step of the podium.

The second edition of the Winter X Games Europe is a big turning point for JF Houle (Canada): the skier had competed 5 times to the Winter X Games and once in Europe, but had never managed to do better than 9th! He takes the gold after winning the eliminations, notably thanks to his talent on rails.

Andreas Hatveit (Norway) takes the silver, his 4th medal in an ESPN Slopestyle competition. What makes the difference? His ability to land doubles on both sides.

This second edition was also a good one for the British James "Woodsy" Woods: he ends up on the 3rd step of the podium. A nice start for the rider, nicknamed "fridge kid" because he learnt how to ski... on an artificial piste!

      Run 1 Run 2 Run 3  
  1 JF Houle 94,33 45,00 19,66  
  2 Andreas Håtveit 75,00 92,33 89,33  
  3 James Woods 89,66 55,00 25,00  
  4 Russ Henshaw 88,33 41,66 41,66  
  5 Phil Casabon 15,00 80,66 51,33  
  6 Alex Schlopy 32,33 77,33 38,66  
  7 Gus Kenworthy 70,00 76,00 32,33  
  8 Bobby Brown 36,66 65,00 30,00  

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